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What is Proplete?

In 2008, with a thorough understanding of many unmet needs for protein malnourished HD patients, our nationally recognized expert in IDPN worked to solve the tolerance issues associated with this therapy. Through her experience and discussions with clinicians, she recognized that the essential issue was composition problems inherent in traditional IDPN solutions, which caused many side effects including nausea, vomiting and chills. Her experience and expertise lead to the creation of newer, better tolerated IDPN solutions for malnourished hemodialysis patients.

The introduction of Proplete IDPN therapy was the shift in paradigm that patients and clinicians needed. With dextrose greatly reduced and lipid removed with adequate protein provision maintained, these new weight based solutions added to our clinical services had several advantages for both patients and the RN administering them.

Meet the inventor

Eileen Moore, CNSD, R.D, L.D.

Clinical Liaison Director - Renal Products

Eileen Moore, CNSD, R.D, L.D., Pentec’s Clinical Liaison Director-Renal Products is a nationally recognized expert on IDPN and is the inventor of Pentec’s unique IDPN therapy Proplete for malnourished hemodialysis patients. As a renal clinician, she had many patients who did not respond adequately to standard approaches of liberalized diet and oral supplements. For these patients, protein malnutrition remained a significant problem requiring treatment with IDPN therapy. In the dialysis center and in patients dialyzed at home, she witnessed first-hand the problems they experienced with traditional IDPN solutions prompting a strong desire to find possible solutions. Her years of experience in a tertiary care trauma hospital advising and monitoring patients requiring partial and total nutrition support allowed her to determine composition problems inherent in these traditional IDPN solutions. When coupled together, the experience and expertise lead to the creation of newer, better tolerated IDPN solutions for malnourished hemodialysis patients.

Eileen is a graduate of State University of New York Oneonta, NY. She has a total of over 30 years clinical experience. As a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC), she worked at Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio and in consultant capacities for several home care infusion companies. She also worked as a renal dietitian for several dialysis companies and was Nutrition Service Director for the former Hillmed Dialysis Centers in Cleveland, Ohio. She has nationally recognized specialty in nutrition support for dialysis patients and, as such, has been an invited speaker at numerous local, regional and national conferences. In addition, she has edited publications and published articles in peer reviewed journals on renal malnutrition. She also served as Chair of the Renal Section of the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N) and in 2008 received an A.S.P.E.N Recognition Award for contributions to Professional Nutrition Support Education.