Meet Neil

See How Real Patients on Dialysis Benefited from the Nutrition They Received from Proplete®

Hear How Neil Got Back to Biking After Adding Proplete® to His Dialysis Regimen

“It was amazing how fast my numbers shot up. Protein along with the treatment has definitely improved my quality of life.”

When Neil learned he would need to start dialysis treatment, he worried about how it would affect his active lifestyle. As an avid cyclist, he rode up to 200 miles a week and preferred to maintain a vegetable-based diet. He elected to begin peritoneal dialysis to accommodate his busy schedule but soon found that his protein intake couldn’t keep up. After losing almost 30 pounds, an infection eventually forced Neil to switch to hemodialysis. Feeling weak and malnourished, Neil jumped at the chance to try Proplete® intradialytic parenteral nutrition (IDPN) when it was recommended to him. Within a few months, Neil’s albumin rose dramatically, and he felt stronger than he had since starting dialysis. Now, Neil is able to continue riding 3 days a week and work as a cycling coach in addition to his full-time job. He can also continue to eat vegetable-based meals while occasionally incorporating lean meats.

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